Home Decor NM158 Lift Chair

Manufacturer: Pride Mobility
Availability: In stock
Take comfort to the next level with the new NM158 from Pride Mobility! Take advantage of your 3-position chair to find your perfect position for napping or relaxing. Kick your feet up with the standard footrest extension and melt into the plush pillow back while watching your favorite movie or enjoying time with your family. An easy-to-use hand control with a USB port will give you full control of your chair without any hassle of getting up to adjust, and leave you able to charge your personal electronics while keeping them close. The energy-efficient transformer features self-diagnostic electronics and allows for a quiet and smooth lift every time. The structure of this chair is composed of a heavy-duty lift actuator, scissor mechanism, an engineered furniture laminate/hardwood frame, and an integrated battery backup in case of a power failure, so you can put your mind at ease every time you sit in your chair. For an upgraded experience, chose a head pillow, and lumbar pillow.
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    • 3-position full recline ideal for napping and relaxing
    • Standard large dual pockets
    • Easy-to-use hand control
    • Removable back
    • Energy-efficient transformer, features self-diagnostic electronics
    • Quiet and smooth lift system
    • Premium furniture-grade laminate/hardwood frames for added strength and durability
    • Heavy-duty lift actuator & scissor mechanism
    • Integrated battery backup in case of power failure