Maxicomforter Lift Chair

Manufacturer: Golden Tech
Availability: In stock
Golden’s exclusive MaxiComforter series is now available in six sizes, including the all-new Tall and Extra Wide! The MaxiComforters feature a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat and our unique “grip rite” arm design. Every MaxiComforter comes standard with our patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology for possible spinal alignment, back pressure relief, and improved circulation.
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    • Featuring Patented MaxiComfort recline technology, the world’s only two motor power lift and recline chair with our adjustable active seat option.
    • MaxiComfort recline options include TV Watching, Zero Gravity, Sleep, and Trendelenburg.
    • Offering Autodrive with programmable memory settings
    • Optional Power Pillow for powered head and neck comfort
    • Weight Capacity: 300lbs to 500lbs
    • Fits all users between 4’8″ to 6’8″
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty; wood and metal
    • 7 Year warranty; motor and electronics